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BlogZup Written by Evie

Great and Wonderful Day :-)

Evie is a bit of a “nut” or so she has been told.  She has received her latest decree and which is that of Dr. Positive (Dr. Positive will come online soon) until then … some places you can read what this Dr. Positive person has been up to:

WARNING: Suspend your … holier than thou’s ~ your poo-poo-poo’s ~ and ~ that is impossible … have fun, laugh, play, meet others, share, and FromIdeas – what a WOWCulture we create. (words that are ran together with the beginning of each word capitalized these are domain names that are owned by Evie of Emc2Enterprises.

Http:// – The All Way Network – Like Evelyn Conner :-) – Forwards to my Twitter account :-) – Evie Domain Manager – Maybe one day someone will build a database we may all use Domainager to manage our domains. – Like Evie the evil Evelyn – True wealth is more than money – money by itself is nothing – less than nothing – money is only paper some has given value to … YOU are a value no paper can touch :-)

TMI … ??? … in this Brand New Day … our friends hear what they need to / want to and disreguard the rest.  Those who are not our friends … ? … they are too busy with what they makes their lives what they want in their lives to be worrying what I “put out there” :-)

Polly-Anna?  So what?  That is the change i wish to see in the world … that is my reality :-)

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