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How to Find Focus With a Focus Factor Made of Fairy Dust

by Evie on December 1, 2009

As more people are exiting the traditional “job” market – through their choice or the economy more are turning to the Internet as a source of income.  No matter the way in which others are encouraged to give you their cash – the one thing ALL Internet presences need is traffic.  What I mean by that is, an Internet presence with the best “product” in the world is no good if no one is buying it … AND even MORE important is that your product be good enough that your “customers” recommend to others about it.

When I say “product” what do I mean?  By “product” (This paragraph is the last one parens will be used to discuss products or customers) anything that you make, create, give of, do, {fill in the blank} of yourself that others (your “customers”) feel worth value enough to trade something for which YOU value (and that something does not necessarily mean cash – i.e. barter ROCKS :-) IS “product”

So – how does one get that almighty traffic from the best targeted customers in the most efficient manner?

1 Focus –  2 Goal Setting – 3 Action Steps – 4 Follow Thru – 5 Follow Up – 6 Lessons Learned –  7 Rinse and Repeat.

… and 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 … Starting at one we will build it, then work backwards if needs be:

1)    Focus:  Would you rather have some random surgery done with a machete or a precision surgical procedure done with best tool that would mend you completely once the surgery was complete?

2)    Goal Setting:  Another name for this is Mile Stones – what are the things that need to happen to reach the precision surgical procedure?  All things are possible – what is it that is the #1 Focus of this Procedure?  What needs to happen to make it so?

3)    Action Steps:  To meet the mile stones that have been set – what are the action steps that need to occur?  If you do not know the order – no problem.  Write each of the steps of 3×5 cards and they can be reordered as needed – PLUS the cards can be used for further break down of BIG jobs.   (-: This can be used for any *Focus* no matter how tiny or huge :-)

4)    Follow Thru:  The action steps must actually be done.  When are each of the steps needing to be completed by to get the final *Count Down*?  This is a way you will be able to come up with what needs to happen when.  For each focus one will complete the time table of follow thru to the completion of that focus – BUT – that does not mean we are done …

5)    Follow Up:  Once the *Focus* has been completed – it is time to measure how it is doing.  All those best products in the world are doing no one any good if they are not doing what you had intended for them to do.  Measure – Measure – Measure … we cannot improve upon what we do not measure and one way or another everything can be measured.

6)    Lessons Learned:  This is where the measurements come to play.  If you move this dial what happens?  If I flip that switch what happens?  In the virtual world of web 2.0 it means things such as:  Sending a Tweet on Twitter, or updating your status on Facebook, are your Facebook and Twitter connected to your MySpace?  And if so what did what, where? How long did it take?  How about Forums?  Does your focus have any forums dedicated to that niche?

7)    Rinse and Repeat: Using the lessons learned we have no matter where we are or what we’ve done … you are where you are and that is a fact. Even if you do not like where you are at this time, enjoy each moment as it is and the fact you ARE in total control and can change everything … In An Instant. No Matter What.  What is your focus?  What do you want?  Decide.  Repeat is then not a rehashing of the same old same old – but rather returning to step 1 with what my focus is then.

It is ALL so very easy and I feel that is why we have made it so very hard.

You can focus and be all over the board. Let’s take me as an example :-) oh boy … I have been on the Internet over 10 years – but I haven’t *done* anything of note (other than branding myself ~ some say as a nutcase ~ but that is fine … I love who I am and I am thankful to be so blessed … but we all are – and I digress … because I did not focus … BUT … using my lessons learned I can Rinse (make my corrections) and Repeat.  I know I have the focus factor of fairy dust … so how can I use that to my advantage?  Start at the bottom and work around to the top. {{{rinse, rinse, rinse}}}

… and …

Step One Focus:

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sumatriptan December 1, 2009 at 7:28 pm

works for me

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