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Blogging and Using a Treadmill Desk – what next?

by Evie on December 6, 2009

Eight months ago – I was in one of the best shapes I have ever been in.  Health, fitness, etc. were top notch and my doctor would have been proud.  How did I do that?  I walked … I walked for hours a day – seriously.  Two to three – sometimes even four hours – daily.  My average walk was between six to eight miles, done in about 2.5 hours.  Every now and then I would walk twice a day.  My walks took me to places I wrote about on

And then I got a phone call.  Being as is one of my babies …

Lorri Helfand Staff Writer for the St. Pete Times … called me early April 2009 and asked if I knew of a certain person and why yes I did – she told me he threatened to kill a board member if the case he pursued for many years did not go his way.  This caused me alarm – and I became more vigilant, but I continued to walk.

Then Lorri called me to see  if I had seen the Inside Edition segment this same man went on.  I had not seen it, but I read this article online and I also read Lorri’s piece she followed up with.  After this time I was able to view the piece Inside Edition did – and I was terrified.  I am terrified … A terrorist lives in my neighborhood.

My neighborhood is a wonderful community filled with friendly people, beautiful homes, in a lovely setting (gosh I am waxing poetic) and we have a terrorist among us.  Who needs to go half way around the world to fight terrorism, when it is in our own communities.  And then Lorri did another follow up to her original story.  And still the story waits for more follow up.

So – what does any of this have to do with a treadmill desk and blogging.  A LOT – In the past eight months I have gained over 30 pounds, all because I stopped walking … the last time I walked a large man was walking toward me – the sun was behind him … I almost pooped my drawers … seriously … I have not walked since.

Yesterday I began using my treadmill desk – I will get video uploaded soon :-)   Yesterday’s working walk was 95 minutes at 2.5 mph – zero incline.

Today I am doing 2.5 mph at a 3.5 incline.  I am currently at 48 minutes and counting for the day.  Goals for today’s working walkation include Farmville – keep it moving along and get it decorated for the holidays.  So far, so good.  Write AND POST :-) three blogs.  This one.  GoalBuzz and one other one that I have been sadly neglecting.  Probably  Gosh I miss that blog.  Or is it the activity that goes along with it?  The walking.

Ok – I am beginning to slack – so will post this and continue.

With this blog posting I am announcing I am aware we all have choice no matter the economy or domain name used, with a good GoalBuzz and a quickrant on twitter, our thoughts begin to create new partnerships for thankful YES we CAN!!!  Win – win – win’s :-)