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Bloggers beware: Bad ads can bust your brand

by Evie on September 4, 2009

As the world turns more into cyber space, who we are is beginning to be called our “brand” … and with this knowledge – Bad ads can bust your brand.

I was so excited this morning, I received a request to post some text based links on one of my sites.  This sounded like such a great thing :-)   YAY!!!  My empire is awakening … but not so fast Evie … do some due diligence.  This wonder called the Internet makes it far more easier than was dare dreamed just 20 years ago.  By copy and pasting the phrase “We would be interested in purchasing advertising in the form of a text-based advert on your site.” into Google, I got MANY returns.

One of which was this blog.  Bloggers beware: Bad ads can come back to bite you – Computerworld Blogs – Mozilla Firefox.

I very much agree with Dan, when he wrote:  “My advice? Don’t do it. This is about more than getting on Google’s bad side. It’s about protecting your brand, which as we move fully into a Web-based economy will quickly become your most valuable — and most vulnerable — asset.”

As Evie the evil Evelyn and 2emc, and even just plain ol’ Evelyn Conner, my goals are simple; win-win-win+1 … because everyone CAN be a winner.  We are NOT all meant to be world class runners, pole vaulters, bike riders, etc.  We are all to be the BEST #1 WE can each as individuals be, so together we achieve EVEN more ~ We ARE all winners.  Being who I am, when I am, I am where I am to be … but … always do your due diligence, and then using the mind as an adviser ONLY … listen to your emotion :-) Love, Gratitude, Happy … really get into it and FEEL it … Love your emotions ~ they are the human GPS.

Now the sad part in all of this though is the discovery that LinkStar apparently targets websites with little traffic … hmmm, maybe this is not sad at all … maybe this is a wondrous “line in the sand” for awesome wow wonderfilled progress to start being made ~ FAST ;-)

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