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Fatty ~N~ Mabels

by Evie on July 18, 2009

Great Day!!!

My dearling and I decided to go out for lunch today and our goal was to sit by the water.  As we live in Florida (near the gulf with many other bodies of water available) this should be no issue … right? … I guess many others had the same idea.

First we tried Tarpon Turtle in Tarpon Springs … BAM! Full :-) YAY!!! for Tarpon Turtle :-( for us.

Next ~ Let’s got to Hooters in New Port Richey … BAM!!! the parking lot is so full there is no place to park (even overflow parking has parked cars) YAY!!! for Hooters in New Port Richey :-( for us.

What about the place across the river ~ we’ve never been there before Fatty N Mabel’s … YAY!!! Water, you want to sit by the water but it’s raining … what to do, what to do? Well sit INSIDE but it is OUTSIDE :-)

Do they have a website? ~ Well, YES they do :-)

As my dearling and I sat eating our lunch and enjoying the scenery at Fatty~N~Mabel’s on the river, we got to discussing business and web presence. My dearling is of the opinion that local businesses catering to a local clientele do not need a website.  I beg to differ {greatly} to NOT have web presence in today economy and mindset is to leave a LOT of money on the table only to wipe it off into the rubbish pile at the end of the day.

Many years ago, I drug a business I worked for into the online era by setting up a website with their business name.  When I decided to leave the company for my previous one ~ they asked if they could buy what I did for them (domain name and the site I had set up for them) … LOL!!! of course that is what I did it for.

I gave it to them for what it had cost me … and now … this is what I do :-)

Several businesses I really enjoy in my local area are not yet “into the web” and they do not see the value as to be so (even to just secure their NAME)  I did, I do and I have.  When they are ready, their domain name is also.

I have been called a cyber-squatter … I hope you are not one wanting one of the names I have available ;-)

When ALL is said and done … what have YOU done lately ;-) :-)

Seriously though … if your name or your business name or you area name is available and you do not jump on it, (most registrars charge less than $10.00 to register a name) the only one you have to kick in the buttocks is your Self :-(

I am a domainager … a domainger is one who uses domain names to build business(es) as any other business uses the tools of the trade to do what they do.

And I just figured out HOW to best use Domainager :-) Setting up a blog :-) WHOOOO HOOOO!!!!!

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