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Love Wave Around the World

by Evie on June 24, 2009

There is a book written by Ken Keyes Jr years and years and years ago.  The book was written as an illustration of a phenomenon called the 100th monkey.  The 100th Monkey a Story about Social Change. I am a firm believer (by firm believer I mean I don’t need to defend my truth ~ it is what it is, the thing speaks for it Self, don’t like your perspective? LOL!!! well, then move my dear friend :-) )

… any way … it is my firm belief we (humanity we) stand on a precipice of evolution (we can be a part of it ~or not~ that is (y)(o)(u)(r) choice :-) as I said before ~ it is what it is :-) the new awareness of we being an us that is all connected is shocking to many as they become aware of it, but luckily humanity has been waking up slowly but surely over the years …

My belief … planetary awakening happens big time no later than 2012 (yea, yea, yea … December) but if we wait that long to start breathing correctly (think mother labors to bring her child into the world) we may perish as we give life to the new reality.  To those who that is their *mission* well YAY!!! but to the VAST majority it is NOT.

We were born into this reality at this time to be ready to reap abundance :-) What … you don’t believe me just because of this economy … LOL!!! You should believe me BECAUSE of this economy … any way … it IS what it is ~ don’t like how things look from where you are, then you must move until you see what it is differently (and the *different* you are looking for contains GRAT*I*TUDE :-) )

The Hundredth Monkey Revisited

Going back to the original sources
puts a new light on this popular story

How can this use this in your life?  Are you the Tipper?  Are you the one who assists the Tipper to enlightenment?  YOU are vital to the mission … WOW Philosophy

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